SEO Tips for Small Business Growth in 2016

Google’s search algorithms keep changing a number of times every year, always with the goal of providing better quality and more relevant content to searchers. So with ever-changing SEO, what should small businesses remember to stay on top and ahead of their competitors?

Changes don’t need to be dramatic

No matter how many times Google changes its algorithm, the basics of white hat SEO remain the same: Businesses should focus on delivering relevant, meaningful content that your audience looks for through a user-friendly website or page.

That said, you still need to pay attention to keeping up the quality of on-site SEO (what you say about yourself), and off-site SEO (what others say about you or your brand). In other words, you need to make sure your website is impressive and invites quality backlinks from other sites.

Mobile SEO is very important

More and more users are browsing the web from mobile devices, and this trend will continue in that direction. A responsive design is just the beginning of mobile optimization. You should also consider mobile SEO, which means your marketing team must focus on creating a better experience for mobile users, be it in terms of content, speed, graphics or usability.

Local optimization

Local SEO is going to play a very important role in the growth of small businesses in 2016 and beyond. Remembering basic SEO rules like including the street or city name in tags, in headings and also in your content in a meaningful and relevant manner, is going to do your business a lot of good.