SEO Strategies Must Adapt to Keep Up With Changes in Technology

Search engine optimization is driven by technology and innovation. As the internet becomes more sophisticated and new search engine technology emerges to meet the changing demands of web users, companies must modify their SEO strategies in order to be found online. A big part of what we do at SonicSEO is watch trends and changes and modify our SEO strategy to keep our clients competitive.

Mobile Usage

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, and this will only become more important as more and more people use smart phones and tablets as their primary web-accessing devices.

Sites optimized for desktop-only viewing do not serve the needs of an audience of mobile-users, and search engines are beginning to notice this trend – which means sites optimized for mobile will perform better than otherwise identical non-optimized sites.

Voice Search Optimization

Mobile usage affects more than the size of a screen, and fluid design is just the tip of the iceberg. Another change on the horizon is the use of voice search rather than typing inquiries into a search box.

Voice search enables people to ask search engines questions in natural, conversational language rather than using specific keywords – and search engines will undoubtedly begin to optimize their technology to make the results of such searches more accurate.

For example: A web user right now might type a phrase like “Albuquerque lawyer” into the search bar. But they might be more likely to speak a question like, “Who’s the best lawyer near me?” Search engines will become increasingly skilled at identifying the intent of searchers rather than relying solely on the words used in a query, and this may affect the way pages are optimized.

The Internet of Things

The so-called “internet of things” means that more and more devices are being connected to the internet. This type of “smart home” technology has connected all sorts of devices to the internet, from home appliances to wearable tech, and these devices may begin communicating with search engines in new and exciting ways that could spell big changes for the future of search and SEO!