Voice Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners have a big job. Not only do you have to stay on top of what’s going on in your industry; you have to stay on top of what’s going on in marketing so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. SonicSEO.com makes that easy by answering the most common questions about the latest evolution in search marketing—voice search. (We also provide the answers—customized digital marketing solutions that integrate voice marketing for better visibility and profitability for your business.)

What is voice-activated search or voice search?

Voice-activated/voice search is the method of conducting an internet search using a digital assistant, like Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Cortana (Microsoft). Searchers use natural spoken language to talk to their digital assistant to find the information they want. Voice searches may be conducted on a smart mobile device (e.g. smart phone or tablet) or smart home device (e.g. Echo, HomePod).

Current statistics on voice search indicate that the majority of voice searches performed on mobile devices are intended to find local results—products, service providers, events, etc. Most voice searches on smart home devices are to find answers to questions and play streaming music.

What is voice marketing?

Voice marketing is the practice of optimizing your online assets—i.e., website, social media, blog, paid ads, etc.—to achieve top ranking in results delivered by digital assistants. On mobile devices, search results are presented in the same way as results for typed searches. On sound-only devices, like Echo, top results are presented as a spoken answer to a question or a fulfillment of a command.

How important is voice marketing?

How important voice marketing is depends on how important it is for your business to get found online. For most companies, it’s very important, so voice marketing is something that cannot be ignored.

For local businesses, especially, voice marketing is playing an increasingly significant role in pointing local searchers to product and service providers geographically near them.

How do you optimize a website for voice-activated search?

Optimizing your online presence for voice-activated searches is done much the same way as optimization for typed searches. It’s all about creating content that delivers valuable information about the topics (keywords/search terms) they are looking for. However, where keywords and search terms tend to be truncated when typing, voice-activated searches tend to be performed with more natural language. As a result, content has to incorporate those “long-tail” keywords to boost ranking potential.

Can you add voice optimization to an existing website?

There is no additional technology you can tack on to the backend of a website or simple on-page element you can add to optimize your website for voice search. To perform well, your content has to naturally incorporate the language searchers are likely to be using when talking to their digital assistants.

If your website was created to appeal to your two audiences—search engines and human users—then it may perform as well in voice search as in conventional search. However, if your website was created just to “game” the search engine algorithms, then likely it needs a major update to continue to rank well in voice search results.

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