Voice Marketing Services for Local Businesses

Local businesses often face fierce competition. To get and keep an advantage over local competitors, you need to make sure that your target market knows your brand and knows what makes you their best choice for the products and services they’re searching for. Effective voice marketing can keep your local business visible to internet users who are increasingly relying on voice-activated searches.

Premium SEO services from SonicSEO.com deliver the voice marketing performance your company needs to maintain top visibility on all devices and in all types of searches. And, unlike other SEO firms, voice marketing is integrated into your SEO campaign, so there’s no upgrade and no upcharge to get seen by those using voice-activated digital assistants.

voice searchWhy Voice Search Matters to Local Businesses

The majority of voice-activated searches are performed on mobile devices with built-in digital assistants, like Siri and Google Assistant. These devices also have integrated GPS capability. Together, these devices help people find the answers, products and services they want from local businesses by using naturally spoken language. According to Search Engine Watch, “Mobile voice-related searches are [3 times] more likely to be local-based than text.”*

When local businesses have online presences optimized for voice-activated search, they can capitalize on the number of searches with local intent to increase sales.

We Can Help Your Local Business

SonicSEO.com has been helping local businesses harness the power of the internet for 20 years. We keep pace with changes in SEO so that our clients’ custom-designed websites have the potential to be your company’s marketing MVP.

Voice marketing is no exception. As an industry leader, we have positioned ourselves to stay on top of changes in user behavior and search technology. The way we do SEO, which includes content with keywords naturally integrated to sound like real spoken language, ensures that our clients see the same search engine performance no matter how their prospective customers search for them. And the best part—we’ve simply integrated voice search into our premium SEO services, so there is no upsell or upgrade required to boost visibility in voice-activated search results.

Contact us to schedule a free SEO consultation to learn more about voice marketing integration.

Make sure your local business keeps a competitive edge. Get integrated voice marketing solutions from SonicSEO.com.

* https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/opinion/2296905/how-will-voice-search-change-seo-for-local-stores-global-enterprises