How SEO Turns into Clients

Achieving High Search Engine Ranking and Optimization

young woman shoppingBy providing a professional, aesthetically pleasing website, you are on your way to a solid marketing strategy. However, a sleek and functional website that is not optimized to target your niche audience in the search engines will bring you little ROI.

In order to see conversions from your website, you need to utilize a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. High search engine ranking and optimization enables you to meet your clients where they’re at and gain a competitive edge in your specific market.

Being at the Top: It’s about Trust

Search engines are much more sophisticated than they used to be. And nowadays, people trust that the results at the top of search engine listings are the most relevant and credible to their search. So, when consumers turn to Google for information about local hair salons, they believe that the salon at the top of the listings is the industry leader and that from that salon they will receive a hairstyle that will not only flatter them but will help them express their individuality.


While Internet users trust search engine rankings, they also retain their ability to discern between products, scope out deals and have the same needs as in-person customers. The buying cycle still applies online, and your online visitors still compare prices and perform information searches to determine which business best meets their needs.

The Buying Process

By implementing the search engine optimization advantage, you can tailor your website to meet visitors at each stage of the buying process—honoring their need to research and “price shop.” Think of the pages on your website as representing different stages of the buying cycle. For example:

Need Identification

By targeting consumers who are in the early stages of the buying process, you can stimulate their need—perhaps even before they are aware of it—before they have a chance to receive a similar pitch from your competition. The content on your page can focus on the benefits of your services and how those services enhance a particular lifestyle goal. By optimizing your website to target particular key term phrase—the words Internet users type into search engines to find your business—you engineer an environment that proposes a solution to your visitors’ problems.

Information Gathering

By utilizing a variety of different pages and optimizing for a variety of key term phrases, you can target consumers who are in the information gathering stage of the sales process. By providing quality content that educates your visitors about your goods and/or services, you help transition your online customers from research mode to buying mode. Be sure to provide clear contact information for customers who require more personal attention when making their decision!

Comparing Products and Suppliers

The more quality content you can provide the better! When choosing between different businesses, visitors will scan the information on your website to determine if your services will fulfill their needs better than your competitors. Target customers at this stage of the buying process by providing relevant, persuasive information that explains how your services compare.


By targeting the point of sale, your website will be equipped to handle impulsive visitors as well as those who have methodically chosen to do business with you. Your website should have an easily accessible contact form that allows visitors to follow-through with their desire to purchase your services.

By targeting consumers at every stage of the buying cycle, you can augment your sales process and truly take advantage of the visibility you have from your search engine optimization! SEO gets you seen by the people looking for your products/services, but you’ve got to incorporate solid marketing strategies within your site to close the deal and keep them coming back for more.