Search Engine Optimization Proposals: What to Look For

Looking for the Right SEO Company

If you are thinking about investing in SEO services, make sure that you are getting what you pay for. As you consider a company’s Search Engine Optimization proposal make sure it includes quality strategies tailored to meeting your online marketing objectives. Quality proposals should contain the following (at minimum):

Tailored Service

No two companies are exactly alike in terms of products and services. A good search engine optimization proposal should be relevant to your business and tailored to your company’s needs. A generic SEO strategy may be cheaper, but a firm that will provide you with a tailored strategy will increase your chance of seeing strong returns on your investment.

 Keyword Research

Good keyword research is the foundation of SEO. Keyword research enables you to understand exactly how potential clients use the search engines to find the goods and/or services you provide so you can tailor your site directly to those potential clients. Quality proposals should articulate how a firm’s keyword research will maximize your reach to potential clients online.

Website Design

Quality SEO proposals should offer advice regarding the architecture and layout of your website. Remember, the goal of SEO is to increase your visibility on the Internet in order to increase your rate of business. If your site’s visibility improves, but its layout looks amateur and is difficult to navigate, it may be a turn off to potential clients. Additionally, a site that is not designed in a manner that is easy for the search engines to crawl could prevent you from reaching your online marketing objectives.

Analysis and Ongoing Services

Make sure a search engine optimization proposal presents the ongoing services that the firm will provide. A firm should provide you with monthly analytics so you know exactly how your site is performing. Ongoing monitoring of your site traffic and statistics tells you where your site is succeeding and where it needs improvement.  Make sure the SEO firm you choose is committed to keeping your site up-to-date so you remain competitive in the rapidly changing world of Internet marketing.

Overall, you want your website to be optimized by an ethical SEO firm that can prove its ability to help your site obtain rank for relevant key term phrases. A firm should be able to provide evidence of their successes; so don’t be afraid to ask for examples.