Things you should know about SEO Consultations

Consultations for search engine optimization are great! They provide you with insight into how your website is currently hitting—and missing—the mark. They also let you know how an SEO company can help you meet your online marketing goals. But should you pay for such a consultation? And what if the SEO company puts a time limit on their consultations? Read on to learn some important things about SEO consultations.

woman talking on the phone performing an SEO consultationYou Shouldn’t Have to Pay for an SEO Consultation

SEO companies that force you to pay for a consultation are trying to get you invested in their service before you’ve even had a chance to talk to them or learn how they can help you! Don’t fall for this! You shouldn’t have to pay to learn how an SEO company can help you.

You Shouldn’t Have a Time Limit on your Initial Consultation

Any SEO company that puts a time limit on their initial consultation is more interested in pushing people through their door than really giving you the time and attention you need. Let’s face it, not every business is the same. As such, you can’t provide a cookie-cutter consultation to everyone who walks in your door. If you receive an offer for a free 30-minute consultation, be very wary of the service you’ll receive down the road. If they’re putting time limits on their service now, they’ll have time limits on their service later. You don’t deserve that. You deserve a company that’s committed to helping you achieve your goals—and is there for you when you need them.

You Shouldn’t Have to Commit Before You’re Ready

Some SEO consultations are designed to be high-pressure sales presentations. That’s just not right. True SEO professionals understand that SEO is a worthwhile investment that people need to think about before they move forward. If your SEO consultation feels like a pitch for a high-priced condo, watch out; they may be more interested in getting your money than getting you results.

As you look for a quality SEO company to represent your business in its Internet marketing endeavors, look for a company that has your best interest at heart. It is likely they are putting your needs first if they offer a free consultation, don’t limit the time of their initial consultation and don’t use high pressure sales tactics to pressure you into making an emotional decision.