False Promises: Search Engine Optimization Company Offering Guaranteed Results

Beware of SEO Company False Promises

There has been a lot of recent talk within the SEO community of search engine optimization companies offering “guaranteed” results. Here’s the truth: SEO marketing strategies enhance your capability of experiencing better rank placement, higher site traffic and ROI; but, just like any other form of marketing, results cannot be guaranteed. Here’s why:

SEO Firms Don’t Control the Search Engines
No SEO company owns the search engines. And no SEO company has special privileges based on their relationship with a search engine. Search engines are designed to help organize the vast amount of material on the Web. They are not beholden to any SEO firm and their ultimate goal is to provide a great user experience for people who are looking for information online.
Good SEO marketers understand how search engines work; they keep up-to-date on the latest rules and standards of the search engines in order to achieve and maintain high rankings.
SEO Firms Don’t Control People
SEO can increase the traffic that comes to your site, but it cannot make people buy from you; no form of marketing can do that. SEO does enable you to carefully track how people are interacting with your site and understand why they are visiting your site.
Ultimately, careful statistical analysis of your website enables you to adapt your online marketing campaign to better meet the needs of your potential clients. The flexibility to adapt to the needs of your target audience in real time is something that cannot be achieved with a traditional marketing campaign, where the time and cost of changing a campaign is significant.

SEO: A Good Investment

Think about this: no one can guarantee that your dog will eat a hamburger you leave on the ground, but we all know what will most likely happen. Why? Because experience says that dogs like hamburgers left on the ground.

Similarly, no SEO firm can guarantee results, but companies that invest in SEO tend to experience higher rank placements, higher traffic and greater ROI. The proof is in the pudding….or the hamburger. 🙂 Bottom line: SEO increases your visibility amongst your target audience and allows you to track your investment dollar-for-dollar—with more precision than any other form of marketing. Be wary of a search engine optimization company offering promises it can’t keep or shouldn’t make.