SEO Bootcamp Day 4 – Test Your Website’s Loading Speed

Website loadingOn the 4th day of boot camp, my marketing expert told me:  TEST YOUR WEBSITE’S LOADING SPEED

Internet viewers have no patience for slow-loading websites, and search engines know it. To boost ranking potential (because it boosts user experience), your website has a need for speed. But you don’t know if your loading speed needs improving until you test it—both your desktop and mobile version.

There are a number of speed tests you can use, but our favorites include:

PageSpeed Insights

    • —this is Google’s speed test, which shows your mobile and desktop speed test results in side-by-side tabs—this site generates a report with all the major data points about your website’s loading time, like page speed score and fully loaded time in seconds

Google’s PageSpeed Insights have a number of clickable results that provide guidelines and tips for how to fix issues dragging down your page speed. Many loading speed problems can be remedied by optimizing and/or compressing images, updating caching parameters and compressing back-end code that controls how your website renders.

If your website loading speeds are poor, contact for a website tune-up.