SEO Bootcamp Day 1 – Evaluate Your Website’s Indexability

On the 1st day of boot camp, my marketing expert told me:  EVALUATE YOUR WEBSITE’S INDEXABILITY

The “indexability” of your website refers to:

    • How many pages of your site have been indexed by search engine bots compared to the total number of pages you have posted

The absence of restrictions that prevent search engine bots from indexing your website’s pages

To evaluate your website’s indexability:

  1. Find out how many pages of your website have been indexed using site: command.
    In the Google navigation bar type site:yourdomain (do not put a space between the colon and your domain name and include the .com, .net or whatever)
  2. Compare how many pages your site: command query shows compared to your sitemap.
    In the Google navigation bar type your domain name (including .com, .net or whatever)/sitemap.xml

The sitemap shows how many pages you think are on your website. The number should be close to what the site: command query showed. If the number of pages from site: command is low compared to your sitemap, there may be something restricting the bot’s permission to crawl your site. If the site: command count is high, you may have spammy pages, duplicate pages and/or image being indexed as pages.

You can see if there are restrictions keeping the search engine bot from indexing your website.

    In the Google navigation bar type your domain name (including .com, .net or whatever)/robots.txt

This query will populate a list of pages that are disallowed, meaning the search engine cannot index them. “Disallows” may happen by accident or because someone has tampered with your website. (Please note: there are other reasons why a site or page may not be indexed. Some can be fixed; some have to do with the search engine’s algorithm and prioritization scheme, over which no website developer or SEO expert has any control.)

If your evaluation indicates any issue with the way search engines are able to navigate and index your website, contact us to schedule a consultation or for technical assistance.