Search Engine Marketing

It’s never been clearer that strong search engine performance is absolutely essential for driving traffic to your website*:

  • 93% of all website visits begin as searches
  • Of those, 70% of the links clicked are organic, not paid listings
  • 91% of all search clicks are made to links on Google’s first page

Search engine marketing is absolutely crucial for attracting visitors to your page. And in a world where 85% of people find local businesses by searching online, search engine marketing is more important than ever.**

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Essentially, there are two kinds of search engine marketing:

Paid search

    • —like the “Sponsored Ads” that are the top 1 or 2 listings on every Google search results page (also often listed in the right hand column of every search) and the “Promoted” Worldwide Trends on Twitter.

Organic search—where you end up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, or whomever to be at the top.

Although you’re not paying Google for it, organic search isn’t free. It’s true you don’t have to invest anything more than the cost of your domain name and a WordPress account to create your own website eligible for indexing by search engines. But without further investment in search engine optimization (SEO) services, it’s unlikely that your website will rank very high on the SERPs. And that matters.

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Consumer Search Engine Use

Like we said before, 70% of all search engine links clicked are organic results, not paid listings. In fact, up to 80% of users ignore sponsored results entirely. If you want visitors to find your business, a paid search simply will not give you the results you need.

So if you aren’t already investing in search engine marketing, your business may be suffering. If you’re not at the top of the SERPs, you’re risking invisibility to potential customers, you’re sacrificing leads, and you’re hindering your sales potential.

The Best Search Engine Marketing Value

If the overwhelming majority of web users rely on organic search results to guide their clicks, the best value for your search engine marketing dollar may be SEO services over paid advertisements, links and listings.

Not only does SEO provide trustworthy links more likely to be clicked by users, but SEO, in the long run, is more cost-effective. Paid ads and listings can get you on the top of the SERPs and increase your visibility, but only for as long as you can pay for it. And that can get expensive.

SEO, on the other hand, (if provided by a reputable full-service company like, can help you maintain top search engine rankings through vigilant monitoring, analysis and proactive adaptation for the life of your relationship with your SEO service provider.

Whether or not you should invest in search engine marketing is no longer the question—it’s how. And user preference and long-term cost-effectiveness point to SEO as the better value.

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