The Search Engine Optimization Team for Santa Fe, New Mexico Businesses

If  you’ve made the decision to optimize your Web site with search engine optimization  (SEO), you’ve set yourself on the path to high search engine ranking and more  clients. But how do you know which SEO firm is right for your Santa Fe business?

SEO Is a Team  Effort

One  of the most important things to remember about effective SEO is that it can not  be done by one person. It takes a team of SEO experts to design a Web site,  complete in-depth keyword research, write compelling copy, optimize the site,  build a high-quality network of backlinks, and analyze traffic statistics. If  any of these areas is not up to par, the efficacy of SEO is questionable.

At, we understand the time  and effort required to create a top-notch Web site that will get you the high  rankings and potential customers you desire. Because of this, we have an entire  team of experts with various specialties ready to optimize your site for the  best possible ROI.

Meet Our Team consists of six  departments working together to help your business succeed in the world of  online marketing.  Our departments  include:

Search  Engine Optimization

Our SEO team strategically plans your  online marketing campaign for the best possible return on your investment.  We’ll conduct keyword research to see how consumers are searching for your  products/services, assess your competition, make sure your site is up-to-date  with the latest rules and standards of the search engines, and develop a  strategic plan to meet your online marketing objectives. Our SEO services are  on-going to ensure that your site is always performing at its best.

Santa Fe Web  Design

Because it is important to make a positive  first impression, believes that your Web site’s design needs to dress to impress. We create  custom Web sites that allow businesses to corner the market with their target  audience.


Content truly is king when it comes to  search engine ranking and your potential clients. If your site does not have compelling,  relevant content, users know the back button isn’t too far away. With just a  few clicks, they could be on your competition’s site and you’ll lose a  potential customer. Great copy will help lead consumers on a path of conversion  that directs them to take your desired action.

Link Building

In order to establish credibility with the  search engines, your site needs to have a solid network of high-quality inbound  links. The search engines use links to help them determine the quality of a Web  site and where it should rank for any given key term phrase. Reputable and  relevant links to your Web site are a necessary and important aspect of SEO  that should be overlooked. At,  our link building team is there to help you connect with other great sites.

Statistics  Analysis

The only way to know if your advertising  dollars are working is to track your investment. With online marketing, you are  able to do so dollar for dollar. We provide monthly reports so you always know  how your Web site is performing.

Customer  Service

Whenever you have a problem, question, or  concern, is here to  help. Our customer liaisons are always happy to speak with you about any aspect  of the SEO process. From the initial optimization through your on-going success,  our goal is to provide you with the ultimate Internet marketing service.

Contact Our SEO Experts

At, we have the knowledge,  skills, and experience to help your Santa Fe business achieve top rankings  through expert search engine optimization. We have adopted the team approach so  that we can create the best possible Web site for your business through experts  dedicated to your success. Contact today to discuss your  SEO options.

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