Page Rank Restoration Services

Has your website’s traffic fallen off recently? Are you no longer appearing on the front page of Google, Yahoo or Bing results for the keywords you’re targeting? If so, you’re in good company.

Thanks to constantly evolving search engine technology, many sites that once performed very well are no longer ranking at all. SEO tactics that were once effective have stopped working, and some tactics can actually hurt your site.

Fortunately, it is possible to restore website rankings and boost your traffic again. can correct the SEO mistakes that are keeping your site from performing and implement an effective long-term SEO strategy that will protect you from future search engine algorithm fluctuations.

Common Reasons for Lost Site RankSpam

SEO is complex, and many factors may affect your page’s rank in search engines. However, there are a few common culprits:

  • Pages with poorly written content, including keyword stuffing, “spun” content, duplicate content, grammatical errors and content that is thin and uninformative.
  • Large numbers of links to your site from other sites that are spammy, unrelated to your niche or otherwise irrelevant or low-quality.
  • Hidden coding or text, which search engines can view as spam and trigger a penalty.

Most of the sites that have been hit hardest by Google’s algorithm changes are those that relied on so-called “black-hat” SEO tactics. These methods went against the search engine’s “best practices” — exploiting flaws in search engine technology rather than making sites that conformed to the spirit of good SEO. Now that those flaws have been corrected, sites optimized with black-hat tactics have seen their ranks plummet.

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How We Restore Website Rankings

There is a lot of conflicting SEO advice out there, and it’s easy to be taken in by a company using dishonest methods or to be steered wrong when optimizing your site. If your search rank is suffering as a result of out-dated or bad SEO, let us help you set things right.

We’ll start by eliminating the things that are hurting your site, whether that means disavowing bad links or cutting poorly written content from your pages. Then we’ll rebuild your site following white-hat practices for organic SEO – using time-tested strategies that will restore your website rankings and withstand future changes to search engine technology. After that, we’ll monitor your site’s performance constantly, keeping the SEO fully up-to-date and effective.

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