How to Achieve Premium Placement through SEO, Social Media & Google Places

http and wwwHow can you achieve top placement in the major search engines’ organic results? Combine various Internet marketing strategies to create positive visibility across larger bodies of your target audience online.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a proven record of success.  It has established itself as a highly effective method of tailoring your Web site to your target audience through Web design, content optimization, link building, and many other important features. With a properly optimized site, programs that crawl and evaluate your site will recognize how useful your site is to potential clients and rank it in the search engines accordingly.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to gain more exposure for your business and create lasting relationships with clients. As the major search engines start to consider social media indicators as ranking factors in their algorithm, having a solid presence across popular social media platforms is increasingly important. Not only does a strong social media presence enable you to target consumers engaged on the site, but it enables you to expand your visibility in the search engines to reach even more targeted traffic.

Google Places

Google has a search feature called Google Places. This application allows customers to have quick access to the most important information about your business such as location, hours of operation, coupons, and more. Google has been working Google Places pages into their organic listings which gives you another opportunity to rank at the top of the natural listings. And you can even give it a Google Boost for added visibility.

Ranking at the top of search engines is not rocket science—it’s highly creative applied science. By investing in a comprehensive Internet marketing plan, you can gain greater online visibility and reach more potential clients.