Premium Search Engine Optimization vs. Instant Promises

SEO magnetThe word premium automatically brings up notions of perfection and highest quality; when it refers to SEO, it refers to a web marketing service that goes above and beyond that of a traditional marketing firm. Premium Search Engine Optimization can extend your reach to larger bodies of your target audience by increasing your visibility in the major search engines’ organic listings. But this takes time.

Premium v. Unethical

Quality SEO firms provide optimization services backed by a history of success. Unfortunately, there are SEO look-alike companies that practice Black Hat tactics and promise unreasonable results. Contrary to what these unethical companies may claim, SEO is not magic. Some of their most common misleading or disingenuous guarantees include:

  • Making your site #1 in search engines. With black hat firms, your top rankings will generally be for obscure search terms that do not target your niche market.
  • Providing instant or almost instant results. Proper SEO takes time and patience to earn the trust of search engines; black hat manipulates search engines to give temporary results.
  • Submitting your Web site to thousands of search engines. There may be thousands of search engines, but gaining exposure on all of them is not helpful; a successful Internet marketing campaign should target the major engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo because that is where the majority of people are searching.

Invest in Premium Search Engine Optimization

If you are searching for an SEO firm to optimize your Web site, it is crucial to remember that search engine optimization is not an overnight miracle cure for online success. A properly optimized site may take time, but the results will be long-lasting and profitable. Beware of unethical SEO firms making claims like those stated above; be sure to invest your advertising dollars in premium Search Engine Optimization. It may cost you some time in the short run, but can greatly enhance your company’s online presence and ROI in the long haul.