Things to look for in a Premier Search Engine Optimization Company

SEO Company Check List

When your business is ready to take that crucial next step into online marketing, finding a premier search engine optimization company is vital to your business plan. Here are a couple of things to look for:

  • Proof of Success—a good SEO company will have a good reputation. So, ask around in your professional circles or online. Proof of a company’s success should be available on their own website or through references. If these are not posted, just ask the company for the information. If they have delivered quality SEO for their clients, they will be happy to provide that information for you.


  • Commitment to Your Business—reading about a company’s mission and priorities can help you determine if they will offer what you want. Additionally, when speaking to a representative, they should offer you SEO strategies that are tailored to your business—not a generic plan that doesn’t address the unique needs of your business.


  • A Team of Experts—one person cannot do SEO well. Since there are so many components that go into a good SEO campaign, a good SEO company will have  experts for SEO, Web design, copywriting, link building, statistics analysis and customer service . Be sure to find out how many employees the company has and if they have departments dedicated to these key areas.


  • Dedication through Regular Reports, Maintenance and Updates—make sure the SEO company you are considering offers you continuing services to ensure your high rankings in the search engines over a long period of time.

When you find the right company, they will tell you that SEO is not an overnight success and that it requires time, patience and diligence. A premier SEO company will not guarantee you a quick-fix because they know what it takes to create and maintain a well-optimized site.