PPC Campaigns: Why You Should Always Say Thank-You

Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) are all about gathering information. You run them to see which of your marketing strategies are most effective, or to obtain contact information for your new leads. PPC technology makes it possible to monitor the behavior of visitors – who’s clicking your links, and what they do when they arrive – but if you don’t set up the right landing and confirmation pages, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

The Thank-You Page

A thank-you or confirmation page is one of the most important but frequently overlooked parts of any lead-generation strategy. Whenever you have someone provide their information – whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, filling out a form to request additional information, placing an online order, or opting in to receive a free report – it’s important to direct them to a custom “thank you” page rather than sending them back to the home page.

There are two reasons for this. From your perspective as the site owner, the thank-you page allows you to fine-tune your data collection to better track conversions and creates an additional opportunity to connect with your visitors. And from the user perspective, a thank-you page makes it clear that their information was collected and can explain how it will be put to use, giving them greater confidence in your site.

How Data is Collected

Advertising platforms gather their information through a snippet of code, called a “pixel,” placed on your site. If you have a dedicated thank-you page, it’s easy to plant that pixel on the page’s code – allowing you to track how many people provided information after arriving at the site. The thank-you page removes the guesswork from tracking conversions.

Driving the Next Action

You need a thank-you page for tracking conversions and instilling trust in your visitors. But while they’re there, take the opportunity to drive your message home. After all, a customer who’s made one conversion – whether it’s placing an order or just requesting information – is already interested in what you have to offer. Take this opportunity to show them something else they may also want.

For example, when you thank someone for placing an order, why not provide a coupon for their next purchase? If they’ve signed up for your newsletter, why not point them toward your blog? Invite them to take the next step by offering them something of value while acknowledging what they’ve already done. You might be surprised at how effective it can be!