Search Engine Placement and Search Engine Optimization

Top Placement

One of the major goals of having a Web site for your business is to achieve top search engine placement. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to reach the top spot and to make your business visible to more potential clients.

Does placement matter?

Think of search engine placement as a race, a very long race. The top winners of this race are featured on the first page of the search engines and will, therefore, get their well-deserved visibility.

Research has shown that most people do not look beyond the first page of results for any given search. If your business’ site appears anywhere past the first page, how will potential clients find you? Additionally, once they have clicked on a Web site, users will spend 60 second or less on the site before moving on. Clearly, the information on your site must be intriguing and impressive.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Affect Search Engine Placement?
As a business owner, you have probably realized that a solid Web presence is essential for spreading the word of your business and reaching out to new clients. However, simply having a site will not benefit your business; you need a fully optimized site to impress both human and electronic users.

Search Engine Optimization is the science of building a Web site to promote your online presence, reach potential clients, and show search engines you are serious about gaining a solid Web reputation. From Web design to copywriting, link building to statistical analysis, an SEO firm can help you achieve your search engine placement goals.

SEO is an investment of time and patience whose results are unparalleled in the Internet marketing world. With a properly optimized site, you’ll gain the visibility you want and watch your Return on Investment (ROI) increase.