Making the Most of Paid SEO for your Retail Business

Paid SEO – otherwise known as paid search or search engine advertising — is an ideal option for those looking at quick results from online marketing. If you are in the retail business, organic SEO combined with paid marketing techniques like PPC can boost your marketing efforts significantly. Paid SEO, especially, can help your retail business in many ways.

How to Leverage Paid Search

The first step is to listen and watch your competitors and learn from them. Pay attention to the ones coming on top of the search pages and those who beat you in online marketing campaigns, and keep notes on their strategy. This can give you an idea of how to change your tactics to compete head-to-head.

Another thing to monitor is your landing pages. We can run analytic reports to help you see which ones are performing well with paid search and which ones are delivering with organic results. Accordingly, you should link up your PPC advertisements to those landing pages.

Another way to simplify your SEO for retail is to draw traffic to static pages rather than changing product pages. Link your PPC ads to the static product category pages and lead your customers to your new product pages.

Putting it All Together

The best paid search strategy works side-by-side with your organic search results to maximize the chance of interested buyers finding your site. If you need help launching a competitive PPC campaign – from setting it up to creating content and monitoring its effectiveness – the team can help!