Are You On Google Maps Yet? If Not – You Need to Be (And We Can Help)

colorful puzzle pieces resembling eBayYou’ve probably noticed that when it comes to searching for local businesses, Google displays its search results a little differently than when you’re browsing other topics. When you type in a keyword related to a local business, one of the first things you’re likely to see is a map with relevant businesses, and the Google+ listings of those businesses.

This is a prominent feature of Google, and if you’re not taking advantage of it for your own business site, you are missing vital traffic.

Google+ For Businesses

Businesses can and should have their own Google+ profiles. This profile acts as aquick-and-easy reference, providing a description of your business, hours of operation, contact information and customer reviews.

Anyone can set up a Google+ listing for their business, and it’s one of the things we offer with all of our SEO packages. Once the initial listing has been made, it will need to be verified by Google; at that point, the verifiedlisting will start to show up in searches, boosting the number of places you can be seen on the Web!

Setting up a Google+ account is fairly simple, but getting it to rank is a bit more tricky – which is why it’s important to have an experienced SEO company handle it for you.

Getting on the (Google) Map

Google has worked for years to make its Google Map results accurate, using everything from satellite imagery to car-mounted cameras – but it also uses a business’s own Google+ account to make sure the information it has is accurate. And when you have a Google+ profile, users will be able to find it from within Google Maps, multiplying your opportunity to be seen on the Web.

Having a Google+ business profile won’t replace a website with good SEO, but it is an increasingly vital part of your overall search engine optimization strategy. If you don’t have a Google+ profile yet, or your profile is out-of-date, let us know right away so we can help you take care of this important step to being found online!