Nice to See You Again, February 29th

leap year SEOYou haven’t called.

You haven’t written.

We haven’t seen you in four years; February 29th, where have you been?

Where do you go for the years in between, you elusive day?

As a consumer, we’ve all felt like this about some advertisers; they’ll pop up once in awhile and then you have no interaction with them for weeks, months, sometimes years. You might ask yourself, “Did they forget about me?”  As an advertiser and a web marketer, customer interaction should always be top priority. Here are a few lessons that we can learn from the leap year:

    Take Initiative

    According to legend, a woman was allowed to propose to her love once every four years, on February 29th. Four years is a long time to wait to find out if your love is true and, if he hasn’t proposed by then, you might start to think you’re in the wrong place.

    Don’t wait for your consumer to come to you, go to them.

    The world of web marketing makes it easy for you to reach out to people across the world, so take the initiative and talk to the people who are driving your business. If you talk, they will come. Well, at the very least they’ll know you haven’t forgotten about them.

    Reappearing after Lengthy Breaks can be Costly

    After four years?  Really, after four years?

    When a long period of time passes between interactions, it’s easy for someone to forget who you are and why they should buy your product. With the exception of re-branding (and major PR scandals), long separations can be costly for your image. In the age of web marketing, four years is an eternity. Constant communication and open dialogue through different channels (social media, websites, off-line campaigns) will keep your audience informed and engaged.

    Break the Norm, 365.2425 Days Out of the Year

    No other day can do what you do, February 29th.

    It can be hard to be the odd man (or day) out but sometimes it can work to your benefit. Take chances, be bold, be interesting: do something that no one else is doing and be great at it.

    If it’s a good idea and executed correctly, you’ll be the February 29th of companies—totally unique.

    Be Patient, Creating Something Special Takes Time

    Any web marketing or SEO plan takes time to pay off. We know you want to wake up in the morning with hoards of people at your door (and we want that, too), but great things take time. Imagine if your birthday fell on February 29. Sure you’d probably celebrate a day early or late in the off years, but when it’s a February 29 year, you know you’re going to take the time to make it truly awesome.

    Patience makes the result of a good web marketing campaign extra sweet.

We’ve missed you, February 29th; don’t wait four years to call again….although we know you will. 🙂