Get More Clients with SEO

Customer holding credit card buying onlineYou hear it all the time: businesses are getting clients from the Internet.

But how are they doing it? And more importantly, how can you maximize your presence online to target potential clients more effectively?

What your competitors know is that an increasing number of people are turning to the Internet everyday to find local services. Gone are the days when the Yellow Pages were the first place people looked for local businesses. With personal computers, laptops, netbooks, and smart phones, nary a person is without some device that keeps them connected to the Internet.

So, how do businesses get the most out of their online presence?

They optimize their site to reach people who are actually looking for the services they provide.

Targeting Clients Who are Actively Seeking Your Products or Services

The process of targeting potential clients who are actively seeking legal services on the Internet is called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is carefully applied information science whereby websites are strategically engineered to appear at the top of the organic (or natural) listings.

Getting More Clients through a Solid Presence in the Search Engines

If you’ve dabbled in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you know that the paid listings are set off from unpaid listings in the search engine results pages. What you may not know is that the unpaid listings (organic listings) receive the bulk of clicks from would-be clients. Since the organic listings are ranked according to how well a website matches a person’s search query, people tend to trust the organic listings more than the paid listings.

Understanding the Search Habits of Potential Clients

What SEO does is enable you to understand the search habits of potential clients so they can easily find you when they’re looking for you. Instead of blindly throwing out an ad and hoping people who need your services will find you, you can actually engineer your site to meet the needs of potential clients; this is accomplished through a process called keyword research. Keyword research utilizes a special tool to see what people are actually typing in to the search engines when looking for the services you provide. By crafting your site around the language people are using to find the services you provide, you can boost your rankings in the search engines so potential clients can find you when they need you.

Crafting a Site that Converts Visitors into Clients

But crafting a site that is easily accessible to potential clients is only half the battle. SEO gets potential clients to your site; copy and design help convert them into clients. Copy and design must work together to create a compelling site that establishes credibility with potential clients. If you don’t impress your visitors within the blink of an eye, they will likely leave your site and search for a site that is more impressive. The old saying is truer than ever when it comes to the Internet: you never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

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