Search Engine Optimization for Med Spas & Plastic Surgeons

How Your Marketing Strategy Could Benefit from an SEO Face-Lift

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Let’s face it: you have great services to offer. Your Med Spa is one of the most reputable, client-oriented, cosmetic clinics in your area. Maybe you’ve been successfully marketing your Med Spa for years using print materials, television ads, and relying on the Yellow Pages. But times are changing, and so should your marketing strategies.

True, the Yellow Pages still exist and are still consulted…by about 40% of the population once a year.* That’s nowhere near enough exposure for your med spa to thrive. Moreover, most of those consulting the Yellow Pages are people who grew up relying on the print directory to find local retailers and service providers—i.e., people over 60. But according to the American Med Spa Association, that’s not your target market. AmSpa’s 2017 Medical Spa State of the Industry Report shows that more than half of med spa clients nationwide are between 35-54, an age group that relies on computers and mobile devices for their local searches.

Now—more than ever—consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. And your clientele is looking for you via major search engines like Google. In fact, according to a Pew Internet study, 85% of online Americans utilize search engines.

With this change in the way people find services, there opens a window of opportunity: you have a chance to be at the forefront of an exciting and profitable new marketing technique that can place you ahead of your competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that increases the legitimacy of your website, attracts targeted traffic, and helps you gain high rankings with the major search engines. All of these benefits of SEO translate into better business for your Med Spa.

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Times are changing. Depend on to help you adapt to the way people are searching for Med Spas today so that when they search for you online, you will be there to greet them with an attractive, user-friendly website design tailored to their needs.

Let us help you engineer an SEO strategy for your Med Spa that will not only boost you up in the rankings, but bring you targeted traffic from your niche market.

* Quirk, Mary Beth. “Yes, people really do still use the yellow pages.Consumerist (26 SEP 2016).