Matt Cutts’ 9 Tips for Effectiveness in Google

Effective Google Tips

Yesterday at PubCon, heard Matt Cutts share 9 tips that every SEO needs to be aware of. Here’s what we took away:

1)  SEO: Chase Users, Not Algorithms

As you develop search engine friendly websites, it is important to create sites with people in mind, not algorithms. Of course, an awareness of good SEO is important, but don’t spend time trying to trick an algorithm. If you have quality content, traffic will come to you.

2)  Key Words: “Ask 10 Taxi Drivers” Rule

Key word research tools are great, but don’t overlook the importance of asking people how they search. This rule refers to the idea that you should ask 10 ordinary people (non-SEOs) how they search for any given product, service or information and base your Web development on that data.

3)  Blog: Pay Attention to the First Link

Our impression is that the first link you put in a blog is important. So, give careful consideration to how you set up your blog and what you choose to link from your blog.

4)  Content: Read it Out Loud

This is a quick and easy way to keep you from key word stuffing. If your copy doesn’t sound right when you read it out loud, you need to change it.

5)  Twitter: Leave Room for “RT @yourname”

Our impression is that Google cares about people tweeting and retweeting. Develop a solid presence on Twitter where you are actively engaged in the social media community.

6)  Video: Make One

Google likes videos. Enough said.      

7)  Conversion: Test. Repeat. Guide User.

In order to develop a website that converts visitors into customers (or to take your desired action), you need to test landing pages to see what works best. Analyze your results and keep testing until you get it right. Also, if you want people to take an action, you need to clearly tell them what it is you want them to do.

8)  Anyone: Own Your Own Domain

Make sure you own your own domain. Blogging sites and other sites will provide you with free space, but they may ultimately own it.

9)  Webmaster Tools: Turn on Email

This is important. Make sure you’ve enabled your email so that Google can contact you if there is a problem with your site. All too often, Google will note that a site has been hacked, but they are unable to contact anyone from that site to let them know.