Find Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter: Marketing through Social Media

Location, Location, Location

This mantra has guided businesses to consciously incorporate geography into their marketing strategies for increased visibility and traffic. Businesses seek office locations that are convenient for their clientele or in high rises that inspires confidence in the company’s success. They place ads on bus benches, grocery carts, billboards, etc.—all to push their way into potential customers’ awareness.

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But marketing is changing. It’s not that geographic location is ceasing to be important. It’s just that there’s a new location where businesses must be present to stay competitive: social media space.

The Social Media Boom

For years already, Facebook has been the place to be to (re)connect with friends and family, share thoughts and photos, organize events. Twitter is becoming the way to keep the pulse of people, industries, events, etc. with immediate updates and an ongoing conversation about…whatever. But, according to comScore, social media is growing faster than we realized.

Millions of people are staying connected through social media networks on their mobile devices. Twitter’s mobile audience grew by 75% in the last year! Facebook’s mobile audience doubled! People are reportedly checking updates from their family and friends daily. This is where your customers are, so this is where your business needs to be.

A New Kind of Marketing

Marketing within the social media sphere is a different animal than traditional marketing.  Sure, you still want brand recognition—your logo, your slogan, your voice. But marketing over social media is less about pushing a “you need me” message. Social media marketing is about drawing your client in through genuine engagement.

Think about it: you’re meeting your customers where they are—checking in with friends and family, staying current on what’s relevant to their lives. If you barge into their personal spaces toting your wares, you’re going to get tuned out—unfollowed, unliked, disabled.

What’s going to keep you in their social media circles is relevance. You have to show your customers that you’re into what they’re into, that you have something interesting to share. Yes, this will involve deals, discounts, special offers for your online friends and followers only, but that’s not it. You can connect with your customers the way their friends do—by sharing pictures, inspirational thoughts, helpful tips, and a sense of humor. You also have to do it like their friends do—frequently enough so they know you’re really there but not so often that you get annoying.

The media blasts from the television age are out. Marketing through networking is in. Make sure your clients can find you on Facebook.