Search Engine Marketing for Hair & Beauty Salons

Marketing is all about reaching out to people—and more specifically, potential customers. But traditional local and small-business marketing techniques are often scattershot. For example, a 10,000 piece direct mail campaign might reach 500 people who are a) regular salon users and b) considering using a new salon. The other 9500 pieces? Wasted.

This is where search engine marketing for beauty salons has some major advantages, and why you need to be using it. Here are some core differences between search engine marketing and traditional marketing:

1. Search engine marketing provides targeted traffic. That is, your salon’s Internet marketing efforts can be tailored to reach people who are actually looking for salon services and products.

No more wasted marketing efforts.

No more flyers dumped unceremoniously into the recycle bin.

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By including keyword phrases on your website that people are actually using in salon-related searches, strives to greatly improve your search engine rankings, bringing you and your potential clients together.

2. You don’t need a big name. Traditional marketing is so often about big brands. But search engine marketing levels the playing field.


People generally use generic terms when doing web searches. They are looking for “local salons” or “hairstylists,” not “Paul Mitchell shampoo.” As long as your site matches the most common search criteria, you should do well in search rankings.

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3. It’s dynamic. With traditional marketing, once an ad is out there, it’s done. Web marketing allows for easy and rapid changes.

Your salon’s website can be quickly altered to match consumer’s needs.

And with online marketing & salon SEO, the conversation can go two ways—it’s easy (and extremely helpful) to get customer feedback, and to build relationships with customers beyond the time they actually spend in your salon.

4. It’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t. Numerous software applications allow you to see who is coming to your site, where they are coming from, what ads are driving traffic, what ads are under-performing, how long people spend on your site, and what pages they frequent more than others. These and many other factors can be accurately measured to make sure you get a great ROI on your marketing dollars.