How to Manage Your Facebook Account

Up to this point in the Facebook series, we’ve looked at the reasons why your business should have a Facebook page , the nitty-gritty of what and when to post on your wall, the demographics of Facebook users and how Facebook impacts ROI. This blog will take a look at how to manage your Facebook account.

Keeping your Facebook page constantly updated can be a challenge, especially if Facebook is just one part of your overall marketing strategy. Social media is like a new puppy—you need a lot of energy to keep up and you can’t neglect it, even if you’re tired.

Aside from knowing what to post and when to post it, there are a few other things to remember while managing your Facebook page.

Stay Up To Date
Staying up to date applies to three very specific aspects while on Facebook:

  • You need to stay up to date with fresh information or your page could become stale. On Facebook it’s very easy for anyone to come across any business page and ‘Like’ it. Once they ‘Like’ your business, they’ll receive updates in their streams about you. If you never post or update, you won’t show up in people’s current news streams. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • You should also stay up to date with everything Facebook has to offer. It seems almost monthly Facebook is rolling out new updates, upgrades and features. Some new features may even prove beneficial to your business. By not logging into Facebook and keeping in the loop, you could be missing out on new features and opportunities.
  • You need to respond to comments in a timely manner. As people start to engage with your Facebook page, it’s important that you respond to comments. A same day response is preferred, but you should definitely strive to respond to comments and messages within 24 hours. You need to encourage fans to continue to engage and show them you value their contributions by responding to their comments.

Managing your Facebook account is just as easy and logging on. Despite being easy to use, Facebook can become time consuming. There are many quality SEO companies that can manage your social media so you won’t have to. Either way, the best way to manage your Facebook profile is to keep an eye on it and stay up to date.

The final entry in the Facebook blog series will cover the last topic about using Facebook: Facebook Etiquette. To make sure you’re not accidentally turning people away from your business, check out the final blog in our series tomorrow!