5 Things You Didn’t Know about Local Daily Deals

local salesEverybody loves a great deal, especially with our current economic climate. People that traditionally weren’t fans of clipping coupons are now snatching up any good online deals they can find. The latest online business marketing craze is coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social that offer huge discounts (some as much as 90%) off of services or products from local businesses.

While businesses and consumers are still weighing the long-term benefits of using such immensely popular daily deal sites, the obvious benefits include consumers saving money and businesses getting more customers.

While we won’t delve into the debate on the long-term benefits of these sites, there are a few things consumers don’t know that can improve the over daily deal experience:

  1. Be Patient:

    Getting your great daily deal is easy enough, but the problem may be in being able to redeem your deal. You found the great deal to that great local restaurant, but so did many other people. That means it can be harder to get a table at that restaurant because of the increase in business. But be patient! According to Groupon, 20% of certificates are redeemed in the first month. So if you’re having a hard time getting a table, give it a month (if the offer hasn’t expired by then).

  2. Don’t Throw Away an Expired Deal:

    A typical problem with coupons is that you save them to use for later, but forget about them. You’ll probably find it again a week or two after it expired. However, many daily deal certificates can still be redeemed after the expiration date—but for less. For example, if you paid $25 for a $50 certificate chances are you can still redeem the certificate for the original $25. Check with your coupon site’s FAQ to find out if yours is guaranteed.

  3. There’s Help if a Business Doesn’t Follow Through:

    The vast majority of online daily deals are honored by the business without a hitch. But sometimes there is a breakdown in communication. If this happens to you and the business won’t honor your certificate, there is help available. Many coupon sites have message boards or ways to communicate with both the vendor and site representatives. If all else fails, most coupon sites do offer refunds if your coupon wasn’t honored as it should have been.

  4. Can’t Use It? There’s Ways to Get Value:

    Everyone knows that plans change and if you bought a great daily deal, but it turns out you can’t use it, you don’t have to let it go to waste. While they always make great gifts, there are always other options. With the growing daily deal market, resale sites have also begun to grow. Of course you’ll always want to be careful as Groupon and other certificate sites don’t endorse them, but they could be ways to get value from certificates you don’t redeem.

  5. The Market is Still Growing:

    If you feel inundated with more deals than you would use, or deals you’d never use, don’t worry. The market is still growing and expanding and more and more small businesses are getting onboard. It’s free to subscribe to these sites, they offer great discounts, and when you do pick out coupons you use, you’re even helping the local economy. So be patient and wait for the deals at places you frequent—and save some money!

Local daily deals are great for both business and consumers alike. They help businesses increase revenue by driving business and can be an excellent addition to online marketing strategies. They benefit consumers because they can help you save a lot of money!