Using the ‘Like’ Button Outside of Facebook

Business Facebook Like ButtonAs most businesses already know, Facebook and other social media outlets have become increasingly important for ranking consideration, user experience, and a solid Return on Investment (ROI). However, Facebook’s ‘like’ button is not as widely understood or used by business for maximum benefit.

When clients or prospective clients arrive at your Web site, you have approximately 1/20 of a second to impress them. After this impression and your fruitful business transaction with them, your final goal is to obtain repeat or referred business from happy clients. An easy, effective way to do so is implementing Facebook’s ‘like’ button in your articles, blogs, and Web site as a whole.


When a satisfied customer hits the ‘like’ button, it automatically appears on that person’s Facebook news feed. This feature allows you to become part of your clients’ conversations with their friends. Having the button on an article or blog allows your client to recommend the article and provide a link to others which gives you more exposure to potential clients.

If you make it easy and desirable for clients to like your fan page in general, you will be listed among that person’s ‘liked’ pages. These ‘liked’ pages appear in the client’s news feed and are always accessible to their friends in the client’s lists of fan pages.

In either situation, your clients’ friends are seeing the recommendation, or ‘like’, and are more likely to check you out as well. As a business owner, it is important that you are present in the places that clients are looking for you. This includes developing a solid social media presence and recommendation system in addition to your already well-optimized Web site.

Whether you maintain your social media accounts or you allow an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm to manage your social media presence, your business needs to be relevant, updated, and ‘liked!’ 🙂