Twitter: The Latest Topics and Trends (takeaways from PubCon)

PubCon is off to a great start! We’ve been so impressed with the sessions we’ve attended so far and are excited to share with you our key takeaways from Twitter: The Latest Topics and Trends. This panel included Brian Carter (Internet marketing and social media expert), Krista Neher (CEO of Boot Camp Digital), Warren Whitlock (author and social media strategist) and Dan Zarrella (HubSpot’s Social Media Scientist).

The Most Important thing to Remember on Twitter

When engaging on Twitter, it’s important to…engage.

We know it sounds simple, but too many businesses forget this. Too many businesses settle for the ease of blasting out information and give very little thought or attention to the more time consuming (and meaningful) task of building relationships. Too many businesses quickly become disenchanted with Twitter because they’re not investing in people (like they should); they’re investing in (one-way) messages.

Yes, sending out messages is important; it’s an essential component of establishing your Twitter presence. But listening and authentically engaging with your followers is how you achieve maximum results from Twitter. That’s when it all starts to come together.

As Warren Whitlock said, “Businesses don’t think about the fact that successful Twitter use means having successful conversations.” We couldn’t agree more.

Listen to the Chatter

Krista Neher went on to share about the importance of listening to the conversation about your business on Twitter. According to Krista, “Twitter is increasingly being used to vent and complain about a business.” That means, if you’re not tuned in to what’s being said about you and aren’t building relationships with people, those negative messages about your company remain (unattended) for all to see.

You really need to be prepared to respond to negative feedback about your business. Having a response plan in advance enables you to effectively manage the conversation about your business as you address real people’s experiences and perceptions of your business.

Like we’ve said before, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to online reputation management. Make sure someone is always watching your account so negative reviews and complaints about your company don’t just sit there unaddressed.

Make your Twitter Presence Valuable

One of the other key takeaways from this panel discussion is a point we’ve always tried to communicate with businesses: make your Twitter presence count. You have to find a unique reason for your business to exist on Twitter and make sure people see the value in following you.

Don’t just use your Twitter account to vomit information. Create meaningful tweets that promote engagement so that your Twitter feed creates a unique value for people.

Some final words from Warren Whitlock to leave you with: “Twitter friendships are real. Tweets only last a few minutes, but the relationships you create last a lifetime.”