Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for LASIK Doctors

How SEO can boost your LASIK Business

lasik doctor seo service

In this day and age, individuals are looking less to the Yellow Pages for goods and services and are relying more on the Internet. In fact, the Huffington Post cited the Big Book as one of the “12 Things that Became Obsolete this Decade.” With a computer in virtually every household and 81% of individuals relying on Internet searches for their goods and services[1], you do your LASIK practice a disservice by remaining invisible to the search engines—which also means you are invisible to the people looking for a LASIK doctor in your area.

Receive Targeted Traffic Online

The beauty of SEO for LASIK practices is that it helps you connect with potential clients who are specifically looking for your services. We don’t just generate a lot of traffic to your site; at, we specialize in bringing you targeted results—increasing the probability that those users who click through your site will actually utilize your services.

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Get a Strong Return on your Investment with Internet Marketing specializes in getting LASIK practices to the top of search engines—like Google. Through SEO for LASIK doctors, you can see an increase in unique visitors from your niche market, and therefore an increase in your business. At we have many years of experience boosting local businesses to the top of the search engines and possess tried-and-true techniques for giving you a solid return on your investment.

Be at the Top of the Search Engines

Part of our strategy when performing custom search engine optimization for LASIK doctors consists of helping your practice get to the top of the major search engines. Studies show that if your business does not appear within the first 3 results of any given search, users will never click on it[2] . Don’t let yourself be outshined by other LASIK practices in your area! Take advantage of search engine optimization so that you can be there when John Q. Public looks for a LASIK doctor to restore his eyesight to 20/20.

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2. Penn State study, 2009