Search Engine Marketing for Landscaping Websites

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We Can Engineer Your Landscaping Website to Reflect What Your Niche Market Wants

Through several SEO strategies, we can get your website to the top of the search engines—right where potential clients are looking. But we don’t stop there. We will engineer a site that is unique to your business and clearly demonstrates why a potential client should choose you. Some of the ways we appeal to your client base is by incorporating the following into your website:

  • Before-and-after photos
  • Portfolios of built work
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Strong copy that emphasizes the unique nature of your business
  • Heavy visuals which reflect your creativity

We know what your customers want, and we can use this information to build you an attractive, user-friendly, and efficient site based on your landscaping search engine optimization goals.

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If you are looking to give new life to your green industry business, search engine marketing is the way to go! With the help of, consumers can find you at the top of search engine listings, which can help you secure clients who are specifically looking for your services.

In the landscaping industry, we know that it is all about hard work, technique, and creativity. These are the same principles that we will incorporate into your landscaping SEO strategy to custom optimize your website.

We Know What Your Landscaping Customers are Looking for

Through savvy web-design, excellent copywriting, and solid search engine optimization for landscapers, can create for you a website that appeals to your target audience. We know what individuals are looking for in a professional landscaper and we will weave these features into the fabric of your site in order to satisfy the needs of your client base, increase your credibility, and demonstrate that you possess all of the qualities and necessary skills to meet their landscaping needs. These attributes include:

Experience: when looking for a landscaping company for lawn care, irrigation, design, or other projects—clients want to know that you have direct knowledge of how to perform the tasks that they require.

Quality Work: Since many landscaping jobs are expensive, time-consuming, and can make a yard unusable for the duration of the project, your clients want to know that they are hiring a landscaping company who can deliver on their promise to enhance the aesthetic quality, usability, and/or resale value of their landscape. In addition, they want to know that you can “get it right the first time” and complete the job in a timely manner—which can cut down on their expense and reduce the frustration that sometimes accompanies landscaping projects.

Good Reputation: Though people are more frequently finding their landscaping companies through Internet key word searches, buyers still rely heavily on other people’s recommendations when they seek to hire a landscaper for their next renovation. Your clients want to know that your past clients hold you in high regard and recommend your services highly and that you have the credentials and special training required to perform their landscaping job expertly.