Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing Page Tips

Tim Ash president and CEO of SiteTuners and Epic Sky gave a great talk on landing pages Tuesday at PubCon. Here are some of the highlights we took away from his presentation.

You Need to Impress People in the Blink of an Eye

Literally. You have 50 milliseconds to convince people that your site will meet their needs. If they’re not instantly impressed with what they see, they’ll leave your site to find one that’s better. When crafting your landing page, it is imperative to understand that images get processed by the human brain faster than text. That means, images mean more than text—but only initially.

You Need to have Great Copy

A solid website design will only take visitors so far. If you haven’t crafted a solid message and set up your landing page to take people down the road of taking your desired action, you won’t achieve the conversion rate you desire.

You Need to Establish Credibility

You can establish credibility by not only having well-crafted and thoughtful copy on your site, but by incorporating elements that make visitors feel safe to do business with you. This can include things like a clean, professional design; establishing power of authority by incorporating seals of approval from other sites; and including testimonials.

You Need to Avoid Common Mistakes

Common mistakes include too many links and eye-catching commercials that detract from the action you want people to take. Too many links provides too many choices to people—and they take people away from your landing page and the action you really want them to take. Images and other media that aren’t necessary to your message also only keep people from doing what you want them to do.

The main thing to keep in mind with landing pages is that it’s important to spend time crafting a quality page—aesthetically and textually. Create a landing page that is attractive to potential customers, makes them feel safe to do business with you and provides clear direction about the action you want them to take.