Where Are My Keywords?

There may never have been a truer saying than “The only constant is change” when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines, like Google, are profitable only when they can deliver what their customers are looking for—relevant websites with quality information. In order to make sure they are meeting their customers’ demands, they are always updating their search algorithms to weed out stale news, spammy websites and other distractors that prompt their users to turn to another search engine to surf the web.

To deliver results, we must also evolve. Here’s how we’re doing that…

SEO Basics

There are two things that just about everyone knows about search engine optimization:

  1. Keywords are the words and phrases people type in search engines (most notably Google) to find websites that offer the services, products or information they are looking for
  2. Those keywords and phrases need to be integrated into your website copy (the words on your webpages) in order for your website to rank well in organic search results

So, knowing those two things, you may wonder, “Why don’t you assign keywords to web page copy anymore?”

How SEO Algorithms Work

There is a very good reason that we no longer assigns keyword phrases to web copy:

Your copy must sound natural in order to rank well.

Search engine algorithms have matured significantly since the advent of the Internet. Results used to be based almost entirely on the number of times a keyword was used in the copy. Now, keyword oversaturation can actually decrease your ranking.

What’s more, search engine algorithms are so sophisticated, they are designed to “read” a website like a human. The copy must sound natural (i.e., grammatically correct, logical, etc.) in order to be indexed as a quality page.

Yes, We Still Use Keywords

We found that assigning keywords to any web page increased the likelihood that the page would sound manufactured. In other words, the focus became using the keyword phrases rather than providing real readers with quality information. To prevent that, we stopped assigning keywords so that keyword phrases could arise organically as the page was written with real human readers in mind.

Do not be alarmed, though. We still integrate keyword phrases relevant to your industry and business. We even use these phrases in “prime SEO real estate,” like titles, headings, alt tags and more. It’s just that now they are so naturally incorporated that they do not draw attention to themselves.

If you think your website needs to be updated to keep up with the changes in SEO algorithm functions, contact us.