Key Term Phrases: What Not to Do

Keyword Importance

Using key term phrases is essential for a well optimized site. But, there are some right—and wrong—ways to use key term phrases in your copy. Here are some tips about what not to do when using key term phrases:

  • Don’t cram like a college kid— do your homework! Keyword research must happen before you begin writing the copy. This includes a combination of things. Spend some time brainstorming what you and your colleagues think people use to search for your business. You cannot rely solely on this, however. Often times, you have been at it for so long that it can be difficult for you to think like someone who doesn’t have a clue—but wants to learn—about your industry. So, move on to asking people on the streets what they would use to search for your product or service. Finally, use the right software programs that are specifically designed to show you how many people are searching and what key term phrases they are using in their searches.
  • Don’t forget to look down—looking further down your list of relevant key term phrases is a must! Yes, using the most commonly searched key term phrases is a good way to get targeted traffic to your website. However, when writing great copy, the words must appeal to both users and search engine spiders. If the key word phrases that rank highest are impossible to incorporate into the copy naturally, but another term that has just a few less users searching with it sounds more natural, weigh your options. Sometimes it might be more beneficial to go with the slightly less searched phrase to not sacrifice user-friendly copy.
  • Don’t treat your pages like a turkey—no stuffing! Key term phrases work by being naturally incorporated into your copy. While you may think that putting a key word phrase on one page 100 times is more likely to get you high rankings on SERPs, you are wrong. In fact, if search engines detect keyword stuffing, they may actually penalize your site.
  • Don’t play Houdini—everyone loves a great magic trick, but hiding your key term phrases with doorway pages or making them invisible to users, is considered black hat SEO and can carry negative consequences.

Key term phrases are a way for businesses to drive targeted traffic to their sites. But, using them the wrong ways can get your site in trouble. Be sure to follow the rules when it comes to key term phrases and SEO to get more effective results in the SERPs.