The Key Points of a Site that Drive Conversions

SEO exists to boost your site’s visibility in search results. But once people have found you online, your site also needs to do the work of converting those visitors into customers – and that’s where great web design and compelling writing come into play.

Your site needs to be several things to be effective:

  • User-Friendly: The navigation of your site needs to be easy to understand and make important information accessible. Prominent call-to-action features, a clean layout, and easy-to-find contact forms all make it easy for your visitors to transition into customers.
  • Attractive: The design of your site and the words on the page need to work together to tell the story of your business. The design must be pleasing to the eye and fitting for your brand’s message and the expectations of your audience. This helps to establish trust right away.
  • Informative: Your site should answer your visitor’s questions and prove your experience and authority. It should show your potential customers that you’re knowledgeable in your field and encourage them to contact you for more personalized information.
  • To-the-Point: In today’s fast-paced world, visitors don’t have time to scroll through long, detailed description. It’s much more effective to break your site up into numerous small pages, each focused on a single core idea or question, so that visitors can easily find the answers to their specific questions.

Setting up the website to meet all of these goals is the first step – and it’s a challenge that takes experience and skill. However, it’s only the beginning. The key to driving conversions is to understand how your audience is really interacting with your website and making changes to your strategy as necessary to keep it performing well.

Using Analytics to Drive Conversions

One of the services we provide at is analytics – looking at all sorts of data related to your site, including the way visitors move through it and what they do when they get there. If visitors are clicking away from your site without doing anything, we’ll be able to see that. If they always follow a particular path before taking a certain action, we can see that too. By monitoring these and other analytics on your site, we can determine if the site is doing a good job of converting customers. If it’s not, we make changes to improve it!

As a business owner, you’re the expert in your field – and we’re experts in building websites that drive conversions! Let the professionals at help you craft your site’s message and design in a way that will resonate with your audience.