How to Keep Visitors Coming Back for More

Create Unique Visitors

Returning visitors account for a majority of the traffic on successful Web sites. Visitors who return to a site are easier to convert into paying customers because they have established trust with your company.

Each time someone returns to your site, they are getting to know your company a little better. As visitors become comfortable with your Web site, credibility issues just melt away. Keep visitors coming back to your site by incorporating the following elements into your Web site:

1) Use dynamic content, like forums, chatrooms and shoutboxes.

Forums, chatrooms and shoutboxes, provide visitors with a place to share their opinions and interact with others. They are effective tools for building a sense of community on your Web site. When visitors feel that they are an integral part of a community they may keep coming back, taking interest in the site as if it were their own.

2) Create a Blog (Web Log)

An online journal, or blog, is a great way to keep visitors updated with the latest information about your products or services. Using this dynamic tool properly on your site will provide constantly changing material for visitors to check out, ensuring your site never becomes dull. Blogs are also a great tool to build your credibility. People like to know the stories and faces behind the products and services they’re interested in. Blogs humanize your Web site and allow visitors to feel like they “know” you.

3) Conduct polls and surveys

Polls and surveys are great tools that allow visitors to easily voice their opinions and get involved in your Web site. It is important to publish polls or surveys that are relevant to your target audience so that visitors will be excited to fill out the survey and anxious to come back and find out the results.

4) Offer puzzles, quizzes and games

People are constantly looking for distractions from life. Whether they’re at work, home or school, just about everybody loves to find something that will break up an otherwise monotonous day. Games can be an interesting and even addicting form of entertainment. Holding competitions and offering awards to high scorers can keep people coming back to your site day after day.

5) Add new content to your site frequently.

It is important that visitors don’t become bored with your Web site. Be sure to make frequent updates to your site and periodically add fresh content. Having something new and interesting to read on your site may keep visitors coming back for more. Adding content is one of the most effective methods of attracting returning visitors, but it is also one of the least used methods because it demands a lot of time and effort.


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