What is Internet Marketing?

As a business owner, you know you need a website to promote your company online. But now that a large number of businesses are online, a less-than-stellar website can easily get lost in the mix when there’s so much competition.

At SonicSEO.com, we help to differentiate your business from your competition through a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. But what is an internet marketing strategy, and how can it help your business stand out?

About Internet MarketingInternet Marketing

At SonicSEO.com, we do more than just build websites; we specialize in internet marketing. Internet marketing is using online resources to reach potential customers who are already searching for your services. The major components of a solid internet marketing plan include:

Website Design

Every internet marketing plan relies on a solid website to direct traffic. With engaging, attractive web design and easy navigation, customers are encouraged to spend more time on your website browsing through your services.

Search Engine Optimization

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A beautiful custom website design is only effective if people are able to find your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) means that your website is search engine-friendly. That means that your website can be easily found by potential customers on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Website Copy

Once your website has been found and engaged visitors, its second purpose is to inform them about the unique benefits your company offers.  Solid internet copywriting helps your website visitors understand why they should choose your business over a competitor. Best of all, good copywriting directs visitors through your website and to a place where they can contact you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers you the ability to become the authority voice in your industry. You can set yourself up as the go-to expert in your particular field. Social media also encourages brand loyalty and allows you another way to connect with your customers outside of your brick and mortar store or online e-commerce website.


If you are in the retail business, an e-commerce website can help you get more sales from the internet. An e-commerce website stores information about your products in one place with detailed descriptions about their features and benefits. It also gives customers an easy way to purchase your items online.

SonicSEO.com has over 16 years of experience building integrative marketing plans for our customers. We have the skills and dedication to guide your business to success online. Contact us today for a professional internet marketing plan.