Including & Optimizing Video on my Company’s Website

Should I Include Video on My Website?

You may have noticed that video optimization is a new hot-button issue currently discussed around the proverbial SEO water cooler. The current upsurge in video optimization is due, in large part, to Google’s launch of Universal Search, a shift in the way Google presents Internet users with search result listings. With Universal Search, Google has integrated videos, images, news stories, maps, and other types of results into the standard search results listings. This makes it easier for users to gain immediate access to multimedia information and diversifies the way we receive information via the search engine. In addition, it allows business owners to boost the SEO value of their site with relevant, informative video content.

Why Video?

Video optimization is a cutting-edge SEO practice that is helping businesses improve their ROI, reach their target market and get more clients. Consider how you can benefit from incorporating video into your website:

  •  Video helps you connect with potential clients. People tend to gravitate towards visual modes of information conveyance when searching online. Since video is easily-accessible, it gives you a format in which to communicate the benefits of your brand, products and/or services in a way that potential customers find relatable. In addition, it allows you to provide potential customers with the instant gratification they demand online.
  • Video can improve your ranking. By hosting your video on YouTube and embedding it into your website, you benefit from the number of views on YouTube combined with the views on your website. This can boost your website higher in the organic search engine listings, as search engines like Google place value on videos with a high number of views.
  • Video may be easier to rank on. Since there is currently less competition for video rankings in the major search engines, it may be easier for you to rise to the top of the search engine rankings if you incorporate a relevant informational video into an already polished, professional website. According to Forrester Research Group, videos are 50 times more likely than traditional web pages to rank on the first page of a major search engine.
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While you shouldn’t skimp on quality content for your website, you should consider enhancing your SEO campaign with video optimization to take full advantage of this new, viable way to reach more clients online.


So to answer the question “should I include video on my website” in a word: yes. However, not just any old video will do. Take care to ensure your video reflects the same professional standard as the rest of your website. But keep in mind that before you will be able to attract more clients with your video, you will need to optimize it in the same way you optimize the rest of your site: for important key term phrases that drive targeted traffic to the goods and services you have to offer.