Getting Clients From Your Med Spa’s Website

website traffic conversion Your website is an excellent tool for marketing your Med Spa, allowing potential customers to find you and see what makes you stand apart from your competitors. Your well-written copy appeals to both visitors and search engines, while professional web design has given you easy navigation and a consistent theme across all your pages. But you still need to do one thing: get website visitors to actually come to your spa. Here are five basic website design considerations for Med Spas that can help your conversion rate:

  1. Appeal to your target audience. You’re a Med Spa. One of the primary things you want your site to communicate to visitors is a feeling of peace and tranquility. Garish background or font colors will set visitors on edge. So will pop-ups—never use them under any circumstance. Choose your color palette carefully; use calming colors. Keep in mind that on the screen, lighter backgrounds are easier on the eye. With careful design, dark colors can be ok, but be sure to use deep, rich tones. And make sure your text is easy to read.
  2. Make it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for. If they have to hunt around for it, they are going to feel frustrated, and this is not an emotion you want them associating with your Med Spa. Simple, intuitive navigation is a must.
  3. No music! While a soothing piece of quiet music that plays through your site might seem like a great enhancement, you have no control over how loud people have their volume set. It might come blaring out on some computers. And people are rarely if ever expecting music to begin playing when they visit a website, so even if it is quiet, it could still startle them.
  4. Have numerous contact options – your address, your phone number, and an easily-accessible contact form (this reduces the amount of spam you’ll deal with compared with just posting your e-mail address). Make sure all this information is easy to find. Including an embedded map can also be a great idea – this can help people say, “Oh, I know right where that is.” And that can be the difference between a sale and no sale.
  5. Include an appointment form. Many people are increasingly disinterested in having to talk on a phone; they want to get everything done on the web itself. By allowing potential clients to schedule an appointment through your website, you won’t lose anyone who just doesn’t feel like talking right then.

Beyond design elements, it’s critical that you respond rapidly to contact form submissions, confirm appointment requests as soon as possible, and return phone messages promptly. Remember, many of your potential clients aren’t feeling so good to begin with—that’s why they’re seeking you out. You want to be sure your website lets them know that your Med Spa is going to help them feel better. A person’s emotional state is one of the key factors in determining their desire (or lack thereof) in purchasing something. Our professional web designers can help you create a med spa website that puts visitors in the right frame of mind to commit to your Med Spa. And our Med Spa SEO specialists will help make sure your Med Spa can be found by the people looking for you!

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