The Internet is a Good Place to Put Your Marketing Efforts

The Economist Reports a Rise in Online Advertising Spending

Though you probably already knew this, marketing and advertising through newspapers, magazines and billboards is almost dead.


Because TV and Internet are delivering the tangible results that companies are looking for.

Polls cited in The Economist this week show that television advertising continues to rise, but that Internet advertising is right on its heels. Drawing on information from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, The Economist reports that spending for performance-based online advertising in America has risen from 41% to 59% in the last four years! This significant increase indicates that companies are realizing the tremendous ROI of spending their marketing time and money on the Internet—the place the majority of people turn to for local business information and the only medium that can track a company’s advertising investment dollar for dollar.

Though television and the Internet are completely different mediums, these are the top-winners for marketing time and dollars. However, the Internet has something that television just doesn’t—social media.

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What is Social Media?

Social media is any medium that is designed to have social interaction.

In today’s business circles, the most commonly discussed social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and blogging through websites like eblogger or wordpress. Though these are the most widely known, there are many platforms available for social media.

By allowing user-generated content, social media has empowered consumers and given them a voice. This is something television has not been able to do. Rather than having a marketing campaign talk at them on the television, social media users can get involved in the campaign, giving them the ability to personally make a contribution or difference in that campaign. Having this connection is important to a consumer.

Using Social Media to Market Your Business

Say goodbye to the idea that social media is for personal use only. Many companies have had great success by using social media to market their services or products—and recognizing this for your company can have a large impact on brand recognition and sales.

Another important advantage of using social media is having your search engine optimization expand. If your company has a great search engine optimized website, you are on the right path. By expanding your Internet marketing campaign to include a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, you can increase your visibility to tens of thousands more people.

Social Media Management with

Because there is so much content being blasted online daily, it is essential to stay current and engage your customers regularly. Busy companies don’t often have the time to manage three or four different social media accounts and keep them active. That is where comes in. helps businesses maximize their online marketing efforts through strategic social media management. By actively building a strong “fan base” and carefully crafting messages that put your company’s best face forward, we effectively increase your visibility with potential clients while building brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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