Blogging 101: How Blogging Can Help You Get More Clients

You may have heard that blogs can deliver excellent search engine optimization (SEO) results for businesses with the elbow-grease and ingenuity to set up and maintain a business blog. You may have also heard that business blogs are a big hit with potential clients and can help you strengthen and increase your client base and increase your ROI. Everything you have heard is true. At, we are here to inform you about ways you can improve your Internet marketing. One of the best methods for enhancing your SEO to get more clients is to launch a business blog.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of website that features “posts” that are arranged in chronological order (with the most recent post at the top of the main page). To the Internet user, a blog appears the same as a regular web page. However, a blog allows more interactivity by giving people the opportunity to leave their feedback in the form of comments.

Blogging for Business?

While you may equate blogs with the LiveJournals and online diaries of the past, blogging has kept pace with the Internet marketing economy and blogs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. In fact, even Google has a blog! Blogs are now effective marketing tools that small & large businesses use to get more clients. Consider the following true statements:

  • Internet users like blogs. Today’s Internet user is more connected than ever to the ever-growing Internet community. The average users read their favorite blogs on their Smart Phones or during their lunch break and subscribe to those that are relevant, informative, and personal. By investing some time in creating a substantial business blog, you are building trust between yourself and your blog visitors and generating more leads by providing them with information they need to fulfill their goals.
  • The search engines like blogs. Since blogs provide textually-rich content, search engines tend to place high ranking on regularly maintained, well-written blogs. Moreover, blogs are naturally full of key term phrases (words that Internet users type in to search for services) and therefore have the added benefit of aiding your SEO efforts. By moving up in the search engine ranks, your business will benefit from more exposure.
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Since blogs are excellent for branding purposes and they are a very good way to improve your website’s SEO, you can greatly enhance your business’ marketing efforts with a relevant, informative blog. The most successful blogs connect with potential clients on a personal level while also highlighting your business’ unique benefit. Blogging with When you invest in a custom website and blog with, we set up your business blog per your specifications and help you maintain it using good SEO practices. Our blogging and SEO services include:

  • Personal customer service. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your blog, you can call your own personal customer liaison that will gladly walk you through the steps to troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may have.
  • A professional, customized blog. With hosted blogging as part of an SEO package, you obtain a blog and website that is custom-designed to meet your business’ target audience, your business’ goals, and your business’ unique personality. Your blog’s design will be in the hands of a seasoned professional who understands the ins-and-outs of Web design and is up to speed on the latest coding practices.
  • Custom content. While a well-written blog can provide your business with an SEO boost, a poorly-written blog will not help you achieve online success. If you are concerned about your writing skills, you should consider hiring a professional to write your blog posts. At, we provide customized content for your blogs to ensure that your marketing efforts are enhanced by compelling blog posts that deliver your business’ unique message.
  • More than a blog. At, we offer more than hosted blogging! We provide you with a custom designed website, assistance with establishing your social media accounts, compelling content for your website, on-going link-building, site tracking, e-commerce solutions and more!

Since blogs contain an enormity of keyword rich content, they can add significant SEO value to your site. At, we encourage our clients to blog regularly to improve their website’s ROI. By providing tailored SEO services and custom websites with built-in blogging software, we give our clients all of the tools they need to excel in the online economy. Whether you secure SEO and blogging services with or you choose to tackle your business blog yourself, be sure that you supply informative, relevant, and well-written blog posts (featuring a professional, attractive design) that connect with your potential customers and help them understand the unique benefit you provide.