Optimizing Your Hair & Beauty Salon Website for Search Engines

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Your website is not just your “home” on the Internet. It’s not just a place to talk about your business or show a few pictures of your salon. It is, first and foremost, a tool—a tool to drive customers to your door and build your client base. Like any tool, it’s going to be more effective if it’s well-designed.

Here are some key features and design elements you should include to ensure your beauty salon website does more than just sit there in cyberspace:

  • Consistency –

    Part of your website’s usefulness is to help you establish your brand. If your salon has a particular color scheme inside, you might want to use it on the website as well (but be careful; bright colors and dark backgrounds don’t work well on the screen!) Most importantly, keep your design elements the same from page to page. This means use the same font, don’t move your navigation buttons around, and so on. Just as in traditional marketing, repetition is your friend.

  • Easy Navigation –

    Visitors to your website want to find what they are looking for fast. A good design will ensure that they can. Easy-to-find navigation buttons that are always in the same place on every page are crucial. These should have short but informative labels: “Cuts,” “Colors,” “Massage,” “Skin Care,” and the like. Keep in mind that it should be easy for visitors to get from one page of your site to any other in one or two clicks.

  • Content –

    On the web, your content has two objectives: to give the appropriate information to your visitors, and to allow search engines to find your site. It’s not guesswork; SEO professionals write carefully crafted content that achieves both of these objectives at once. High search engine rankings are the key to bringing targeted traffic to your site; clear, informative content is the key to getting them to your salon.

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  • Don’t overdo the pictures –

    It can be tempting to put as many images as possible on your site: pictures of the salon, haircuts your stylists have done in the past, featured products. But graphic-intensive websites are slow to load and can have a cluttered appearance, leaving visitors scratching their heads over where to go to find what they need. Appropriate images, used sparingly, are terrific enhancements, but resist the temptation to go overboard.

  • Contact –

    Salons don’t make money on the web. Unless you’ve figured out how to style someone’s hair through a computer screen, you need to bring people to your salon. Every page of your website should feature your phone number and address clearly and prominently. Don’t make anyone hunt for it. You’ll also want a contact form so potential clients can reach you online. An e-mail address is ok, but contact forms will cut down on spam, and once you respond (ASAP), they will have your e-mail address anyway.

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