Internet Marketing Tips for Beauty Salons

Know Your Audience… and How to Reach Them

target audience

You probably already have a good idea about the kinds of people you get as clients: their age, their gender, their marital status, their income level, their education level, etc.

Certainly not everyone that walks into your salon fits the pattern, but one thing is certain: there is a pattern.

This is information you’ll want to take full advantage of when designing your salon’s website—and the more of it you have, the better. Specific research into these areas before designing your site can be very helpful.

Establishing trust with potential clients is crucial; so, solid knowledge of your clientele’s demographics is important. This will affect the language you use, the way you present your products, even your color scheme in some cases. After all, you’re not going to create a teeny bopper website if most of your clients are young professionals (or vice-versa)! brings all the expertise you need to the table.
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Writing to Your Salon’s Target Audience

Once you know the type of person your salon appeals to, you can tailor your content to help convert as many curious website visitors into paying clients as possible. Think about what needs or desires your clientele has, and how your salon meets these. Then address these factors directly on your website.

Secondly, write personably. Not only does this help establish trust, but it can create the right “your” statements, and being relaxed and conversational in tone. In fact, write as if you are speaking directly to a single, specific member of your target audience.

Finally, don’t write about yourself. Potential clients don’t want to know too much about your business’ history, or where you went to high school, or the trip you took last year to the Bahamas. They want to know how your salon is going to meet their needs. Focus on the benefits that they will get from coming to your salon. Background information about the salon is great, but it belongs on deeper pages, and should not be the first thing visitors see. Remember, you’ve only got a few seconds in which to pique their interest!

The SEO Component that Salons Need to be Aware of

You’re not just writing to your audience, of course. Your website also needs to speak to the search engines, so that potential clients can even find your site in the first place. This is where keyword research comes in. With this data, you can learn the precise terms people are using to search for salons, hairstylists and colorists, skin care treatments, therapeutic massages, and so on.

Once you know these terms, your SEO copywriters can create copy that is not only effective at speaking directly to your targeted audience, but also communicate with the search engines. They do this by incorporating keyword phrases in a natural fashion so your copy doesn’t alienate your human audience with clunky, awkward prose.

In short, words are the key. They get your salon’s website noticed by the search engines, which in turn gets you noticed by people who are searching for salon products and services. Finally, words (along with attractive, functional website design) help convert curious consumers into committed clients.