Internet Marketing: Not Just A Piece of the Marketing Pie

A recent eMarketer study suggests B2B marketers are increasing their online marketing budgets.  If you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a large online presence, you may be wondering why other businesses are not only continuing to put marketing dollars online, but are increasing those budgets. 

It’s simple—acquiring more customers.

While the goals for businesses to use marketing haven’t changed all that much, the places that businesses put their marketing dollars have.

Online is where most of the action is and more and more businesses are realizing that.

As consumers—individual consumers or other companies as consumer entities—turn to the internet for a good portion of their information, recommendations and purchasing, businesses want to get that sale. By having a large presence online for their target markets, businesses increase the chances of doing that.

Putting Your Online Marketing Budget in the Right Places

Deciding to jump into online territory doesn’t mean haphazardly throwing money at a website host and thinking it can bring you business. As with any marketing plan, you have to strategically put the money where your target markets are and reach them by using various tools, techniques and platforms to get the best return on your investment. 

eMarketer reports that businesses are  prioritizing their websites as a place to put marketing dollars to gain more customers. Their intent is definitely to improve the experience for users by having a helpful site, but also to gain page ranking so their users can find them. This makes sense. 

There is not too much point in spending all of your money on a fancy website if nobody will ever see it. So, placing dollars and efforts into search engine optimization for websites is gaining popularity as businesses realize the tremendous potential they have to reach consumers who are already actively searching for their service or product in the search engines. Businesses are seeing that having a high ranking in the SERPs makes them available at the click of the mouse for their target markets, ultimately bringing them more customers.

 As more and more people turn to the internet to get what they need, businesses are realizing that internet marketing is no longer just a piece of the marketing pie—it’s the foundation of their entire marketing strategy.