10 Things I Learned (About Internet Marketing) from My Mom

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we want to take our hats off to moms around the world—and thank them for life! With that in mind, our staff shared some things that their moms have taught them over the years. We share them here…with an Internet Marketing twist. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is our list of 10 Things I Learned (About Internet Marketing) from My Mom:

  1. Always be Polite—

    To be polite, you must understand the culture and expectations of the people with whom you will be interacting. So true in social media! Don’t offend consumers on Facebook or Twitter—these two popular platforms have completely different user expectations.

  2. Lying is Bad—

    While it may be tempting to mislead the search engines to get better results, don’t do it! It’s bad! Not only does trying to dupe the search engines demonstrate that you are unethical, it can get your site removed from ranking consideration. 

  3. Choosing the Right Friends is Important—

    A large following on Twitter or Facebook is not as important as a good following on Twitter or Facebook. Seek to establish connections with engaged consumers who are actually interested in the products/services you provide. A relevant following will do you more good in the long run.

  4. A Messy Closet is a Sad Closet—

    A sad closet is one where you can’t find what you need when you need it. A sad website is the same. Make sure your site is easy to navigate so consumers can find what they’re looking for.

  5. Too Much Candy will Rot your Teeth—

    And too much bling on your website will blind potential clients! Make sure your site is professionally designed with the KISS principle in mind. A little eye candy isn’t bad, but don’t overdo it.

  6. Socks Disappear in the Dryer—

    But your website doesn’t have to miss its match! You can be a match for consumers who are already looking for the products or services you provide if you invest in quality search engine optimization. Make it easy for potential clients to find you online!

  7. You can Always Come Home—

    Just like Mom is always ready to welcome you home, make it easy for consumers to feel at home on your site and across your social media platforms. Keep things fresh and show consumers you’re glad they found you.

  8. Show Interest in Other People’s Lives—

    You will turn more people away by constantly talking about yourself in life…and online. Make your online presence such that people feel you always have their best interest at heart.

  9. Don’t Overreact—

    If  your business employs people, things are going to happen in the consumer experience that cause them to leave negative reviews about your business. Don’t overreact. Take the review in stride, respond when appropriate and strive to make things right with that client when possible.

  10. Stay True to Yourself—

    Don’t copy and paste material from someone else’s website and post it on your own. The search engines frown on duplicate content…and you’re better than that. Be true to yourself. Create relevant, interesting content that reflects the unique nature of your business.


Happy Mother’s Day!