US Internet Ad Revenue sets a Record High in 2010

We’ve known for a long time that a solid Internet presence is the key to success for local business. But a 15% increase in Internet ad revenue last year shows that lots of other folks are seeing the value, too!

Reuters recently reported that online advertising revenue jumped to $26 billion in 2010! With “five consecutive quarters of growth since the great recession impacted interactive advertising in 2009,”—according to Sherrill Mane, senior vice president of industry service at the Interactive Advertising Bureau—it’s clear that Internet marketing is taking center stage as the place for businesses to invest.

So, where are businesses investing their money online? In search.

That’s right. Businesses are realizing just how important it has become to be found in Google for queries relevant to the products and/or services they provide. By investing in a strategic search engine optimization campaign, businesses are able to effectively reach consumers who are already looking for them online. It just makes sense.

As consumers spend more time online, engaging in social media, businesses are realizing the importance of being accessible to these social consumers. Have you embraced the Internet as the effective marketing medium that it is?