The Importance of Social Media

Social Media Importance

If you thought that social media marketing for businesses was just a craze and you’ve been waiting for it to die down, you’re going to be waiting a very long time. As businesses everywhere recognize the importance and longstanding-nature of social mediums like Facebook, Twitter and blogging, they are adding social media to their strategic marketing plans.

Just this month Ford announced that they would be forgoing their Super Bowl advertising to focus their marketing on social media.  Additionally, the number of Fortune 500 companies that use social media continues to grow. With these largely successful corporations using social media as part of their marketing plans, you have to wonder if staying out of social media is even an option anymore.

Social Media Isn’t optional for a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan—it is Essential

If done well, social media can have a positive impact on your online presence. But, there are right ways and wrong ways to use social media tools. The right ways include strategy, well-crafted messages, dedication, patience and diligence. Without these things, any social media campaign will fall flat and possibly hurt your online image.

When your business does use social media in the right ways, the importance of it will become apparent over time. These are some of the reasons that large and successful corporations are putting their eggs in social media baskets:

Social interaction

Using Facebook and Twitter allows your company to have social interaction with your target market. And, they can interact with each other, creating a more personal effect of using your products or services. By interacting with them online, you can get ideas and feedback that will allow you to make great decisions to better meet consumer needs.

Online Reviews

Consumerism is changed forever because of online access. Rather than trying to blindly decide what company to go with, a person can just ask their friends for a recommendation. That was made even easier this year when Bing announced they would be working with Facebook to deliver search results based on what a person’s friends on Facebook might like already.

Online reviews are powerful because people are much more likely to be receptive to a recommendation made by a friend than an advertisement, and those reviews can be accessed immediately from a phone or computer.

Search Engine Optimization Enhancement

Social media is certainly not a substitute for quality SEO with your website. It is, however, a great enhancement and supplement. When your company uses social media in conjunction with SEO, your chances of appearing higher up on search engine results pages increases dramatically. Why?  Because there are more opportunities for interlinking and recognition of your company as a leader in the industry.

These are just a few of the reasons that social media is a driving force for strategic marketing.

Don’t Get Left Behind

With industry leaders making the move toward social media management, it is evident that social media marketing is here to stay. Opportunely, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to get in on the deal. Because Super Bowl advertising and large-scale commercial productions aren’t the only way for businesses to reach masses of their target audience anymore, small businesses can start competing with the big dogs to grow their businesses.  But, in order to do that, they have to recognize the importance of social media right now and start developing a strategic marketing plan before they get left behind.