Image Optimization: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Image Optimization

Window shopping in the 21st century is not like your grandma’s window shopping; people still want to see pretty images but don’t want to travel far from their living room. Internet marketing has made digital window shopping a highly rated activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Because people want to see images of what they are buying or who they are thinking of garnering services from, it is vital that Web sites have fully optimized images for a better viewing experience.


What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the process of reducing the file size of an image while maintaining the highest image quality; it prevents the picture from slowing the download time of your Web site.   

Why is Image Optimization Important?

When an image is optimized for Internet use, it emerges with a two-fold benefit. The first is that your Web site’s page will download faster so users are not turned off by a slow downloading time. A second benefit is that the added pictures to your Web site create a fun, informative user experience.

In our technologically-savvy world, a slow download could mean certain death for your Web site’s popularity. Users could become frustrated and impatient waiting for the pictures to finish downloading and click the ‘back’ button. You have now lost a potential customer. Image optimization helps to keep users interested and exploring.

Just like physical window shopping, people want to see what they are potentially buying. And they want it to look nice. With properly optimized images, you can give your clients the sensation of walking down 5th Avenue from the comfort of their homes.

Whether you are in the retail or service industry, it is important to have fully optimized images on your site. To ensure that your site and its images are ready for a digital walkthrough, you may want to consider hiring an experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm.