Steps to Writing Effective Web Content

Effective Web Content

As Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” He had no idea how correct he was when it comes to writing effective online marketing copy.

An online copywriter’s job is doubly difficult because the copy must impress two audiences: electronic and human. To ease the stress of writing, here is a brief checklist of steps for writing effective Web site content:

  • Consider the company’s unique benefit. This is an incredibly important first step. You must consider the unique benefits your company offers your clients that no other company can compete with.
  • Know your audience. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you are a potential customer visiting your Web site, what are you looking for? Answering this question for each page will help you write effective, focused content.
  • Identify the key points you need to address. You must consider your company, your product or service, and your audience on each page. Make a list of the most important points that need to be incorporated and assign value to them. The most important points obviously need to be stressed throughout the entire site’s copy.
  • Summarize the page. Yes, before you even write the page, summarize it. If you can hit your key points in a paragraph’s worth of sentences, you are ready to elaborate and add details. The key points act as a guide while the summary shows you how to approach the points in a structure.
  • Create a unique and compelling voice for your company. Nobody is motivated to take action with copy that is dry and stale. Make sure your copy is alive with the personality of your company. Be human and connect with your potential customers.
  • Proofread. After you have finished a page, do not automatically move on to the next one. Read what you have written to ensure it makes sense, hits all the points, and is grammatically correct. Grammar and spelling truly do count when it comes to converting clients into customers.


When it comes to the “meat and potatoes” of the Web site, your customers have high expectations. In order to impress them as well as the search engines, your copy needs to be clear, crisp, and effective.